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  • noun [ masculine ]
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tind, es; m.
A tine, prong, tooth of an implement
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  • Tindas rostri, tindum


      Wrt. Voc. ii. 119, 30, 28.
  • Ðeáh ánra gehwylc horn hæbbe .xii. tindas írene, and ánra gehwylc tind hæbbe synderlíce .xii. ordas,

      Salm. Kmbl. p. 150, 25.
[Tindes the rungs of a ladder, A. R. 354, 20. Tynde branch of a tree, Allit. Pms. 3, 78. Tindes of harowis, Alex. 3908. A tynde cremale (a hook); a tynde of a beste, Cath. Angl. 389 (where see several instances). Tyynde, prekyl, tynde, pryke carnica; tyndyt with tyndys carnicatus, Prompt. Parv. 494. Cf. tine stocks, the short crooked handles on the pole of a scythe, Halliw. Dict. M. H. Ger. zint a spike, tooth: Icel. tindr a spike; also, a peak.]
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  • tind, n.