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  • noun [ masculinefeminine ]
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tosca, (-e; f. (?); in the Ritual feminines sometimes end in a), an; m.
A frog
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  • Sceomiende (the glosser has taken rubeta as connected with rubeo) ða ðió is ácuoeden tosca

    rubeta illa quae dicitur rana,

      Rtl. 125, 27.
  • Sette him heard wíte hundes fleógan and hí ǽtan eác yfle tostan (toscan ?) hæfdan hí eallunga út áworpen

    immisit in eos muscam caninam, et comedit eos; ranam, et exterminavit eos,

      Ps. Th. 77, 45.
  • Sende on heora eorþan toscean teónlíce

    misit in terram eorum ranas,

      104, 26.
[Cf. (?) O. H. Ger. zuscen to burn (so tosca might refer to the venomous character of the animal), cf. (?), also, Swed. tossa a toad: Dan. tudse.]
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v.  tostan toxa.
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  • tosca, n.