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  • verb [ weak ]
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tyllan, p. tylde
To draw, attract. Found only in the compound for-tyllan, but see the following passages from later English,
[Mi liht onswere tulde him upon me,
    A.R. 320, 13.
Ne tulle ȝe to þe ȝete none unkuðe harloz, 414, 5. As muche place as myd a þong ich may aboute tille, R. Glouc. 115, 18. Of þe purse þat seluer heo tulleþ. Misc. 188, 40. Ille felawes hafd maistri To tille this yong man to foli, Met. Homl. 113, 8. Þe world tyl hym drawes And tilles ... þam þat him knawes, Pr. C. 1183. To þe scole him for to till (tille), C.M. 12175. He hauede ... Al þe folk tilled intil his hond, Havel. 438. Also, like Twei leomes stode þere; The gryttere tylde Est ... þe oþer hadde branches ... And westward thei drowe,
    R. Glouc. 151, 20: 152, 19.
To gile ne to fraude wild he neuer tille, R. Brunne 128, 20. Cf. also tollen to draw, attract :-- Þis tolleð him towurd þe,
    A.R. 290, 5.
Ha tolliþ togederes they draw, come together,
    Marh. 14, 6.
(See instances quoted, p. 110) Swa mai mon tolli him to Lutle briddes, O. and N. 1627. To drawen or tollen allicere,
    Chauc. Boet. 2, 7.
Tollyn or mevyn incito, provoco, excito,
    Prompt. Parv. 496.
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v.  for-tyllan tillan be-tyllan.
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  • tyllan, v.