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  • noun [ neuter ]
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þing-gemearc, es; n.
Measuring (time) by events (? cf. other compounds of gemearc, e.g. fót-, geár-gemearc, where the first part determines the character of the measurement, measurement by feet, by years; in the case of almost all such compounds it is an (adverbial) genitive that is found)
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  • Ðá wæs ágangen tú hund and þreó geteled rímes swylce þrittig eáe þinggemearces wintra

    measuring by the events that had happened two hundred and thirty-three years would be counted as past, things had been going on for two hundred and thirty-three years,

      Elen. Kmbl. 6; El. 3.
  • Ðá wæs first ágán þinggemearces bútan þrím nihtum

    things had gone on till there remained only three days of the allotted time,

      Andr. Kmbl. 295; An. 148.
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  • þing-gemearc, n.