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  • noun [ masculine ]
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un-brygd, (?), es; m.
A not unfair turn, fair dealing(?)
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  • Swá ic hit hæbbe, swá hit se sealde, ðe tó syllanne áhte, unbrýde and unforboden, and ic hit ágnian wille tó ǽgenre ǽhte

    so I have it, as he gave it, who had the right to give, without fraud and unforbidden, and I mean to possess it as my own property,

      L. O. 13; Th. i. 184, 4.
  • Cf. brægd, brygd (bryd). Or, perhaps, unbrýde = un-brigde without liability to be reclaimed; cf. Icel. brigð a right to reclaim, chiefly of landed property.
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  • un-brygd, n.