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  • noun [ masculine ]
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Wealh-geféra, -geréfa, an; m.
A count of the Welsh Marches(?), the commander of the Wealh-færeld(?)
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  • Ðý ilcan gére forðférde Wulfríc cynges horsðegn; se wæs eác Wealhgeféra (

    other MSS. have

    -geréfa. Kemble, taking the latter reading, says: 'I am disposed to believe that he was a royal reeve to whose care Alfred's Welsh serfs were committed, and who exercised a superintendence over them in some one or all of the royal domains,' Saxons in England, ii. 179.
  • See the first passage under Wealh-cyn),

      Chr. 897; Erl. 96, 17, and note.
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  • Wealh-geféra, n.