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  • noun [ masculine ]
  • preposition
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wearg, wearh, es; m.
of human beings,
a villain, felon, scoundrel, criminal
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  • Wearg


      Wrt. Voc. ii. 37, 66.
  • Wearh,

      152, 2.
  • Wearh sceal hangian, fægere ongildan ðæt hé ǽr fácen dyde manna cynne,

      Menol. Fox 572; Gn. C. 55.
  • Hí héton mé (

    the cross

    ) heora wergas hebban, Rood
      Kmbl. 62; Kr. 31.
of other creatures, a monster, malignant being, evil spirit
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  • Under ðæm stáne wæs niccra eardung and wearga,

      Blickl. Homl. 209, 34.
  • Wé sceolun þrowian weán 7 (and; prep. ? or = on) wergum, nalles wul[d]res blǽd habban in heofnum

    we must suffer woe with accursed ones, not have glorious honour in heaven,

      Cd. Th. 267, 22; Sat. 42.
[Þe wari of þeos wordes warð wrað, Marh. 4, 12. Ic am unwurð as weri (v. l. wari) þet is anhonged, A. R. 352, 21. Ich wulle hine anhon haxst alre warien, Laym. 28215. Goth. launawargs an unthankful person: O. H. Ger. ubiles, palowes warc tyrannus: der warch diabolus: Icel. vargr a wolf; an outlaw. Graff quotes the latinized form wargus = expulsus, latrunculus. See Grmm. R. A. p. 733.]
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  • wearg, n.; prep.