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ge-léd, ge-loed, ge-leód, gloed glosses catasta (
catasta instrumentum torquendi, genus lecti ferrei, quo, impositis Christianis, ignis supponebatur, Migne)
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  • Catasta, genus supplicii vel woepe, eculeo simile, nomen ludi vel geléd,


      Wrt. Voc. ii. 129, 45.
  • Geloed (gloed, Ep., geleód, Erf.) catasta, Txts. 47, 363. ¶ the same obscure word seems intended in the following two (not independent) glosses :-- Gæleð


      Wrt. Voc. i. 288, 24: ii. 17, 5.
  • Of the five forms which here gloss catasta the only one to which a meaning may easily be given is gloed, which elsewhere translates carbo. This form might apply to the fire used in the form of torture denoted by catasta. There seems no root with which to connect -lód-, mutated forms of which would appear as -loed-, -léd, -leód- (?), and gæleð looks like a gloss to cantat.
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v.  gæleþ ge-loed.
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  • ge-léd, n.; v.