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  • verb [ weak ]
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  • Gerihtwísiendre


      Wülck. Gl. 251, 35.
to maintain the righteousness of a person
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  • Gé eów sylfe beforan mannum gerihtwísiaþ,

      Lk. 16, 15.
to exculpate, in theology to declare or
make free from the penally of sin
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  • Andetnys gerihtwísað, andetnys synne forgyfednysse sylð,

      Scint. 40, 13.
  • Ðá ðe God gerihtwisode on ðyssere worulde,

      Hml. A. 45, 516.
  • Mid ánre clypunge wearð þes synfulla gerihtwísod,

      Hml. Th. ii. 430, l. Sé þe
    behýt his leahtras, ne bið hé gerihtwísad, Angl. xii. 513, 16.
to shew an action, statement, &c.
to be right, defend as right
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  • Swá hwæt swá ðú cwist oþþe dést, ic hit gerihtwísige. Hml,

      Th. i. 380, 4.
  • Eall ic gerihtwísige ꝥ þú cwist,

      Bl. H. 185,35.
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  • ge-rihtwísian, v.