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  • verb [ uncertain ]
  • adjective
  • participle
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gierende, taxauerat, Wrt. Voc. ii. 122, 6. Perhaps the passage to which this gloss belongs is Ald. 27, 14: Sibi usurpans tantopere taxauerat, other glosses to which are, taxauerat, i. iudicauerat hé démde, An. Ox. 2014: usurpans geauligende, 7, 118; taxauerat, i. iudicauerat, posse-derat hé démde, Hpt. Gl. 454, 3. As in the Corpus Glossary the gi- form of the prefix is very rare (gi-brec, Wrt. Voc. ii. 124, 6, is the single instance, unless gierende be another), and as there is no other instance of ǽrendan (the verb is always ǽrendian) perhaps gierende is incorrect. If, however, it is correct, it seems to be nearer in meaning to usurpans than to
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  • gierende, v.; adj.; part.