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  • noun [ neuter ]
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Substitute: hop, es; n. A piece of raised or enclosed land in the midst of fen, marsh, or waste land, a hope (v. N. E. D. s. v.)
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  • Mǽdwǽgan hop, C. D. vi. 243, 14. Perhaps in the gloss fennegan hopu stagnosa ligustra (An. Ox. 36, 14-15), hopu should be taken here. The passage glossed is: Avis cernitur, cursumque suum inter stagnosa paludis ligustra deflecteus, sese subito ab eorum obtutibus velut evanescens abdidit. Could the gloss belong to stagnosa paludis, the Latin words being understood as describing parts of the marsh? In another gloss, Wrt. Voc. ii. 51, 57, which may belong to the same lygistra is glossed by hopu; but other glosses give ligustra blóstman, Wrt. Voc. ii. 53, 5: hunisuge, 89, 43: and ligustrura is always glossed by hunisuge. The epithet fennig seems more appropriate to a hope

    than to a tree.

    ¶ in local names :-- In marasco terram unius aratri inter haec quatuor confinia . . . ab austro Beðlinghope in palude,
      C. D. v. 68, 14.
  • In Eásthope, ii. 137,

      I. In wiðingmere;
    ðæt út wið hopwudes wíca, iii. 391, 23.
  • In hopwuda, ii. 33, 18 : 167, 30. v. fen-hop, mersc-hop, mór-hop; how (?).
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  • hóp, n.