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  • Gif man rihthamscyld þurhstinð . . . Gif feaxfang geweorð,

      Ll. Th. i. 12, 1-3, [In
    the note to these laws a passage from the Lex Saxonum is quoted giving two articles: I. 6.
  • Si gladio uestem seu


    alterius incideret . . . 7.
  • Si per capillos alium comprehenderit . . . As ham denotes a garment, it seems as if the English text might be a corrupt form of a law corresponding to the former of these two, and in the same note the following emendation is suggested: Gif man on unriht ham oððe scyld (= uestem seu scutum) þurhstinð.]
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v.  hám ham-scyld.
Full form


  • riht-hamscyld,