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  • noun [ feminine ]
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swín-sceadu, [Literally swine-shade, referring to the shelter afforded to swine by the trees under which they feed: then the payment for the right to pasture them.]
Payment for the pasturing of swine
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  • Ut pleniter persolvant omnia que ad jus ipsius ecclesie juste competant, scilicet ea que Anglice dicuntur ciricsceatt, and toll i.e. theloneum, and tacc, i.e. swinsceade,

      Cht. Th. 263, 7. [In his glossary Thorpe quotes s.v. tacc: '"In Scotland the tithe or tenth hog was paid for pannage. This custom obtained in England, and was here called Tack" (Ellis, Introduction to Domesday). Dabit pannagium vocatum Tack, videlicet, pro decem porcis unum porcum meliorem.' See too N.E.D. tack.
    ] Cf. (?) swína sceadu (suadu, Ep., Erf.)

    suesta, sivesta,

      Txts. 99, 1954.
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v.  tacc.
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  • swín-sceadu, n.