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  • noun [ masculine ]
  • participle
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fang, es; m. [fangen; pp. of fón to take, q. v.] what is taken,
A booty; captūra, præda
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  • fang woldon fón

    they would take booty,

    • Chr. 1016
    • ;
    • Th. 281,
    • 30.
Laym. feng, ueng booty:
Scot. fang a capture:
O. Frs. fang, feng, m:
Dut. vang, m:
Ger. fang, m:
M. H. Ger. vanc, m:
O. H. Ger. fang, m. captūra:
Dan. fang, n:
Swed. fång, n:
Icel. fang, n. a catching
. ]
Derived forms
feax-fang, feoh-, fore-, for-, under-
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v.  feng.
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  • fang, n.; part.