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  • noun [ masculine ]
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fór-steal, -steall, -stal, fóre-steall, es; m. [fór, fóre before; steal from stellan to leap, spring; therefore, at least originally, an assault, consisting in one man springing or placing himself before another, so as to obstruct his progress, Thorpe's Glos. to A. Sax. Laws] .
an assault; assultus sŭper ălĭquem in via rēgia factus, viæ obstructio
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  • Gif hwá forsteal oððon openne wiðercwyde ongeán lahriht Cristes oððe cyninges gewyrce

    if any one commit an assault or open opposition against the law of Christ or of the king,

    • L. Eth. v. 31
    • ;
    • Th. i. 312, 8: vi. 38
    • ;
    • Th. i. 324, 21.
    • In L. H. 80, § 2
    • ;
    • Th. i. 586, 2
    • ,
    it is said, —

    'Si in via rēgia fiat assultus sŭper ălĭquem, fórestel est.'

the fine for an assault; mulcta pro assultu
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  • Ðis syndon ða gerihta ðe se cyning áh ofer ealle men on West-Sexan [MS. Wes-Sexan], ðæt is ... fórsteal these are the rights which the king enjoys over all men in Wessex, that is ... the fine for assault, L. C. S. 12; Th. i. 382, 14, note 27, MS. G. Switelige ic hér hwæt se eáca is ðe ic ðǽrto ge-unnen hæbbe ... ðæt syndan fórsteallas

    I here declare what the augmentation is which I have thereto granted ... that is the fines for assaults,

    • Th. Diplm. A.D. 1035
    • ;
    • 333, 32: A.D. 1066
    • ;
    • 411, 32.
  • See also Schmid Glos. forsteal.
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v.  fóre-steall fór-stal.
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  • fór-steal, n.