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  • noun [ neuter ]
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FÓSTER, fóstor, fóstur; gen. fóstres; n.
A FOSTERing, nourishing, rearing, feeding, food, nourishment, provisions; edŭcātio, nutrīcium, pastio, alĭmentum, victus
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  • Ic gegaderige in to ðé of deórcynne and of fugelcynne gemacan, ðæt hí eft to fóstre beón

    I will gather in to thee mates of beast-kind and of bird-kind, that they afterwards may be for food,

    • Homl. Th. i. 20, 35.
  • Be fundenes cildes fóstre. To fundenes cildes fóstre ðý forman geáre geselle vi scillinga, ðý æfterran twelf, ðý þriddan xxx; siððan, be his wlite

    of the fostering of a foundling [lit. of a found child]. Let six shillings be paid for the fostering of a foundling for the first year, twelve for the second, thirty for the third; afterwards, according to its appearance,

    • L. In. 26
    • ;
    • Th. i. 118, 17-20: 38
    • ;
    • Th. i. 126, 5.
  • Mon sceal sellan, to fóstre, x fata hunies, ccc hláfa, etc.

    one shall give, as provisions, ten vats of honey, three hundred loaves, etc.

    • L. In. 70
    • ;
    • Th. i. 146, 16.
  • He gecýðde hwæðer he mǽnde ðe ðæs módes fóster ðe ðæs líchoman

    he made known whether he meant the feeding of the mind or of the body;

    pastiōnem cordis an corpŏris suādēret, apĕruit,

    • Past. 18, 6
    • ;
    • Hat. MS. 27 a, 21.
Laym. uoster a foster-child
Plat. voedster
Dwt. voedster, f. a nurse
Dan. Swed. foster, n. embryo, child
Icel. fóstr, n. the fostering of a child.
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  • FÓSTER, n.