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  • noun [ masculine ]
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friþ-gegilda, friþ-gegylda, an; m. [friþ-gild a peace-guild]
A member of a peace-guild; congildo, sŏdālis, sŏcius
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  • Ðis is seó gerǽdnis ðe ða biscopas and ða geréfan ðe to Lundenbyrig hýraþ gecweden habbaþ on úrum friþgegyldum, ǽgðer ge eorlisce ge ceorlisce

    this is the ordinance that the bishops and reeves which belong to London have agreed on among the members of our peace-guilds, as well earlish as churlish,

    • L. Ath. v. prm
    • ;
    • Th. i. 228, 6-9.
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v. ge-gilda.
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v.  friþ-gild fryþ-gegylda.
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  • friþ-gegilda, n.