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  • verb [ strong ]
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ge-metan, p. -mæt and -mette, pl. -mǽton; pp. -meten; v. trans.
to measure, measure back or
again; metiri, remetiri
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  • On ðam ylcan gemete ðe gé metaþ, eów byþ gemeten

    qua mensura mensi fueritis, remetietur vobis,

      Mt. Bos. 7, 2: Mk. Bos. 4, 24: Lk. Bos. 6, 38.
  • God ðú ðe heofen mid honda gemettest and eorðan on ðínre fyst betýndest

    God thou who has meted heaven with thy hand and enclosed the earth in thy fist

    [cf. Isaiah 40, 12], St. And. 47, 2.
to measure by traversing or
going over; metiri transeundo
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  • And his cwén mid him medo-stíg gemæt

    and his queen with him measured the mead way [way to the mead-hall],

      Beo. Th. 1852; B. 924.
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