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  • verb [ weak ]
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a-manian, -manigan; p. ode, ade; pp. od, ad [a from, manian to admonish, challenge, lay claim to]
To demand, exact; exigere
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  • Gif hit se geréfa ne amanige mid rihte

    if the reeve do not lawfully exact it,

    • L. Ed. 5; Th. i. 162, 12
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  • Se biscop amanige ða oferhýrnesse æt ðam geréfan

    let the bishop exact the penalty for contempt from the reeve,

    • L. Ath. i. 26; Th. i. 214, 2
    • .
  • Amanige ðære scíre bisceop ða bóte to ðæs cynges handa

    let the bishop of the shire exact the compensation into the hands of the king,

    • L. Edg. ii. 3; Th. i. 266, 19
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Full form


  • a-manian, v.