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  • verb [ weak ]
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ge-scerian, -scyrian, -scyrigan; p. ede; pp. ed.
to bestow, appoint, provide, ordain, destine; tribuere, providere, ordinare, destinare
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  • He sceolde his Drihtne þancian ðæs leánes, ðe he him on ðam leóhte gescerede

    he should thank his Lord for the reward which he bestowed on him in that light,

      Cd. 14; Th. 17, 11; Gen. 258.
  • Ic biddan wille ðæt ðú me ne gescyrige mid scyldhetum I will pray that thou appoint me not among the guilty ones, Andr. Kmbl. 169; An. 85 Is se rǽd gescyred manna cynne

    this counsel is ordained for mankind,

      Cd. 22; Th. 27, 28; Gen. 424.
to number, reckon; numerare
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  • Se me beág forgeaf, on ðam siexhund wæs, smǽtes goldes, gescyred sceatta

    he gave me a bracelet, on which six hundred sceats of beaten gold were numbered,

      Exon. 86 a; Th. 324, 9; Wíd. 92.
  • Ic wéne ðæt ðǽr screoda wǽre gescyred ríme siexhundreda

    I believe that there were six hundred chariots reckoned by number,

    122 a;
      Th. 468, 10; Phar. 5.
[O. Sax. gi-skerian to ordain, arrange.]
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v.  ge-scyrian ge-scyrigan.
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  • ge-scerian, v.