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  • verb [ weak ]
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ge-syrwan, p. -syrede; pp. -syrwed.
to arm [v. searu armour]
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  • Eode ða gesyrwed secg to ðam eorle

    then went an armed man to the earl,

      Byrht. Th. 136, 30; By. 159.
  • [Or gesyrwed wily, searu a wile; cf. gelýfed having belief.]
to plot, machinate [searu artifice]
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  • Wom-dǽda ðe [MS. ðy] ic gesyrede

    the ill-deeds that I have devised cunningly,

      Exon. 72 b; Th. 270, 20; Jul. 468.
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  • ge-syrwan, v.