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  • verb [ weak ]
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ge-téman, -týman; p. de; pp. ed
To vouch to warranty; vocare ad warrantum. "Vouching to warranty. A process by which a person, in whose possession lost or stolen property was found, was compelled to show from whom he bought or had it, which latter was, in like manner, obliged to declare how it came into his hands, and so on to a third holder, beyond whom, provided he could prove lawful possession, the tracing might not proceed. The person from whom the accused party had the property, and who came forth as his warranter, was called the 'getýma' or 'geteáma,' and the process itself 'teám,'" LL. Th. Glos. v. L. H. E. 7; Th. i. 30, 8: L. In. 35; Th. i. 124, 10.
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v.  tíman.
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  • ge-téman, v.