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  • verb [ weak ]
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ge-temprian, p. ode; pp. od
To temper, moderate, govern, cure; temperare
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  • Seó sunne ða eorþan getempraþ

    the sun tempers the earth,

      Bd. de nat. rerum; Wrt. popl. Scienc. 9, 3; Lchdm. iii. 250, 14.
  • Getemprie seó bilewitnys ðæt fýr ðæt hit to réðe ne sý

    let the meekness temper the fire that it be not too fierce,

      Homl. Th. ii. 46, 8.
  • Án is ðæt gehwá hine sylfne getemprige mid gemete on ǽte and on wǽte

    one is, that every one govern himself with moderation in food and drink,

      360, 12.
  • Mót se ðe wile mid sóþum lǽcecræfte his líchaman getemprian

    he who will may cure his body with true leechcraft,

      474, 35.
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  • ge-temprian, v.