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  • verb [ strong ]
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to be together, converse, discuss
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  • Ic flítan gefrægn módgleáwe men gewesan ymbe hyra wísdóm

    I have learnt that wise men had disputes and discussions about their wisdom,

    • Salm. Kmbl. 363
    • ;
    • Sal. 181
    • .
  • Grein writes 'gewésan; p. -weós,' and compares 'ymbweoson' in the Northumbrian Gospels. But this word is wrongly written by Bouterwek, it should be 'ymbwoeson,' see Mk. Skt. p. 1.
  • The Durham Ritual glosses 'conversatio' by 'giwosa,' and this may throw light on the meaning of 'gewesan.' Both Goth. and O. H. Ger. have the word 'gawisan, gi-wesan,' in the sense to remain, abide; restare.
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  • ge-wesan, v.