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Andred, es; m.
The name of a large wood in Kent, also the city of ANDRED or Andrida: Andredes ceaster, e; f. the Roman station or city of Andred, Pevensey or Pemsey Castle, Sussex: Andredes leág, e; f. ANDREDSLEY: Andredes weald, es; m. ANDRED'S WEALD, a large wood in Kent, extending into Sussex [v. Sandys Gavel. Ind. p. 340]
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  • Hine ðá Cynewulf on Andred adrǽfde

    then Cynewulf drove him into Andred,

    • Chr. 755; Th. 82, 9, col. 2
    • .
  • Hér Ælle and Cissa ymbsǽton Andredes ceaster

    in this year Ælle and Cissa besieged Andredescester,

    • 491; Th. 24, 19, col. 2
    • .
  • On ðone wudu ðe is genemned Andredes leáge

    into the wood which is called Andredsley,

    • 477 ; Th. 22, 40, col. l
    • .
  • Se múþa [Limene] is on eásteweardre Cent, on ðæs ilcan wuda east ende ðe we Andred hátaþ. Se wudu is westlang and eástlang cxx míla lang oððe lengra, and xxx míla brád. Seó eá, ðe we ǽr embe sprǽcon, líð út of ðam wealde

    the mouth [of the Limen] is in the east of Kent, at the east end of the same wood which we call Andred. The wood is, along the east and along the west, 120 miles long, or longer, and thirty miles broad. The river, of which we before spoke, flaws out from the weald,

    • Chr. 893; Th. 162, 29, col. 3
    • .
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  • Andred, n.