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  • noun [ masculine ]
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hád-brice, -bryce, es; m. [hád II. holy orders in the church; brice a violation, breach]
An injury done to persons in holy orders, a violation of holy orders; ordinis infractura, sacri ordinis violatio
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  • Gif hwá hádbryce gewyrce, gebéte ðæt be hádes mǽðe

    if any one do an injury to a person in holy orders, let him make amends for it according to the degree of the order,

      L, C. S. 50; Th. i. 404, 16.
  • On hádbricum [MS. hádbrican]

    in breaches of holy orders,

      L. Eth. vi. 28; Th. i. 322, 19 : v. 25; Th. i. 310, 18 : Swt. A. S. Rdr. 109, 148.
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  • hád-brice, n.