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  • noun [ feminine ]
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hádung, e; f.
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  • On ðare smyrunge biþ lǽcedóm and ne biþ ná hádung

    in the unction is healing and there is not ordination,

      L. Ælfc. P. 48; Th. ii. 384, 33.
  • Bisceopum gebyreþ ðæt hí ne beón tó feohgeorne æt hádunge

    it is fitting for bishops not to be too eager after money at ordination,

      L. I. P. 10; Th. ii. 316, 32.
  • On ǽlcere hádunge se ðe gehádod biþ hé biþ gesmyrod mid gehálgodum ele

    at every ordination he that is ordained is anointed with consecrated oil,

      Homl. Th. ii. 14, 25 : 124, 2.
  • Ðæt hé ne háding ne háleging ne dó

    not to ordain nor consecrate,

      Chr. 675; Erl. 38, 4.
[Orm. hading.]
Full form


  • hádung, n.