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  • noun [ feminine ]
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hæc, gen. hæcce; f.
A hatch, grating, a gate made of latticework [?]
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  • Of ðare ealdan hæcce, Th. Chart. 394, 15, 21 : 395. 10, 22, 28 : 396, 4, 5, 14. [Prompt. Parv. hec, hek, or hetche, or a dore antica. On this word the following note is given ' "Antica, a gate, or a dore, or hatche est antica domus ingressus ab anteriori," Ortus. "An heke antica," Cath. Ang. "


      Roy. MS. 17 c. xvii. f. 27.
  • "Hatche of a dore hecq," Pals. "Guichét, a wicket, or hatch of a doore," Cotg. Forby gives "hack, half-hack, a hatch, a door divided across." In the North, a heck-door is one partly latticed and partly panelled.' See also Skeat's Dict. hatch.] Cf. haca.
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  • hæc, n.