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  • noun [ feminine ]
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hæcce, e; f.
A crosier
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  • Ðis mycel is gegolden of ðære cyricean W. cyninge ... of ðam candelstæfe x pund and of dære hæcce xxxiii marca

    this much has been paid by the church [of Worcester] to king William ... from the candlestick x pounds, and from the crosier xxxiii marks,

      Th. Chart. 440, 4.
  • Ðæt hæcce wæs eall of gold and of seolfre

    the crosier was all of gold and silver,

      Chr. 1070; Erl. 209, 9.
  • Eall ðæt ðider com ðæt wæs ðone hæcce and sume scríne and sume róden

    all that came there was the crosier and some shrines and some crucifixes,

[Cf. haca.]
Full form


  • hæcce, n.