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hafen-leás, adj.
Lacking means, poor, indigent; inops
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  • Hafenleás


      Wrt. Voc. 74, 20.
  • Hé wæs swíðe welig wædlum and þearfum and symle him sylfum swíðe hafenleás

    he was very wealthy for the poor and needy, and ever very indigent for himself,

      Homl. Th. ii. 148. 34.
  • Sum hafenleás man sceolde ágyldan healf pund ánum menn

    a certain indigent man had to pay a man half a pound,

      176, 34.
  • Se hafenleása 178, 6.
  • Se ðe spéda hæfþ and ða áspendan nele hafenleásum bréðer

    he that hath riches and will not expend them for his brother who lacks,

      318,11 : 484, 33 : 178, 19.
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