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  • noun [ feminine ]
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heáh-burh, gen. -burge; f.
A chief town, large town; also a town having an elevated situation
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  • Ðǽr is Créca heáhburg

    there is the chief town of the Greeks,

      Bt. 1; Fox 2, 21: Beo. Th. 2258; B. 1127.
  • Tó ðære heáhbyrig

    to the chief town [Babylon],

      Cd. 209; Th. 259, 30; Dan. 699.
  • Se kásere geeode wel manega héhburh

    the emperor conquered a good many of the principal towns,

      Chr. Erl. 5, 13.
  • Ic wát heáhburg hér áne neáh lytle ceastre

    I know that near here is a town placed on high, a little city,

      Cd. 117; Th. 152, 8; Gen. 2517.
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  • heáh-burh, n.