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  • verb [ strong ]
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a-bannan, p. -beónn, pl. -beónnon ; pp. -bannen.
to command, order, summon; mandare, jubere
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  • Abannan to beadwe

    to summon to battle,

    • Elen. Grm. 34.
to publish, proclaim; with út to order out, call forth, call together, congregate, assemble; edicere, avocare, citare
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  • Aban ðú ða beornas út of ofne

    command thou the men out of the oven,

    • Cd. 193; Th. 242, 32
    • ;
    • Dan. 428.
  • Ðá hét se cyng abannan út ealne þeódscipe

    then the king commanded to order out [to assemble] all the population,

    • Chr. 1006; Erl. 140, 8.
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