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  • verb [ weak ]
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hiwian, p. ode; pp. od.
To form, fashion, shape, colour, feign, pretend
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  • Hiwian


      Ælfc. Gl. 99; Som. 76, 112; Wrt. Voc. 54, 54.
  • Ic hiwige


      Ælfc. Gr. 28; Som. 31, 61.
  • Ðú hiwast swilce ðú ðínum cildum hit sparige

    you make as if you are saving it for your children,

      Homl. Th. ii. 104, 8.
  • Ealle ðe hiwiaþ hí wiðútan mid eáwfæstum þeáwum and wiðinnan sind geǽttrode mid árleásnysse

    all that fashion themselves outwardly with pious manners, but inwardly are poisoned with impiety,

      404, 13.
  • Sum fǽmne hí hiwode sárlíce seóce

    some woman feigned herself very ill,

      506, 5.
  • Herodes hiwode hine sylfne unrótne

    Herod pretended to be troubled,

      484, 26.
  • Ðú hiwodest


      Blickl. Gl: Ps. Spl. C. 138, 4: 93, 9.
  • Hiwgende lang gebed

    simulantes longam orationem,

      Lk. Skt. 20, 47.
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  • hiwian, v.