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icge gold

  • noun [ uncertain ]
  • adjective
  • adverb
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icge gold,
  • Beo. Th. 2219
  • ;
  • B. 1107.
The translation of this phrase is difficult. Thorpe has 'moreover,' Kemble 'heaped up;' Heyne suggests comparison with Sskr. ic dominare, imperare, and gives 'Schatzgold, reiches gold;' Grein's note is as follows : 'Sollte vielleicht zu icg das Altn. yggr [terror] zu halten sein, da das Gold Altn. auch ógnar ljómi [splendor terroris] heisst? oder sollte sich etwa der Begriff Sühngold herausbringen lassen?' Grundtvig suggests the reading éce-gold, i.e. gold given in addition on the occasion of a solemn reconciliation.
Full form


  • icge gold, n.; adj.; adv.