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Ii, Hii,
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  • Heora cyng him gesealde ðæt ígland ðe man Ii nemnaþ ... Nu sceal beón ǽfre on Ii abbod and ná biscop and ðan sculon beón underþeódde ealle Scotta biscopas forðan ðe Columban was abbod ná biscop

    their king gave him [Columba] the island that is called Iona ... Now there must always be in Iona an abbot and not a bishop, and to him all the bishops of the Scots must be subject, for Columba was abbot, not bishop,

    • Chr. 565
    • ;
    • Erl. 18, 1-8
    • .
  • Wæs hé sended of ðam eálande and of ðam mynstre ðe Hii is nemned

    de insula quæ vocatur Hii,

    • Bd. 3, 3
    • ;
    • S. 526, 11
    • .
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  • Ii, n.