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  • noun [ feminine ]
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ilf, e; f.
An elf
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  • Ðanon untydras ealle onwócon eotenas and ylfe

    thence sprang all monstrous things, giants and elves,

    • Beo. Th. 224
    • ;
    • B. 112
    • .
  • Gif hit wǽre ésa gescot oððe hit wǽre ylfa gescot oððe hit wǽre hægtessan gescot

    if it were Æsir's shot, or elves' shot, or witches' shot,

    • Lchdm. iii. 54,10.
Cf. Scot. elf-shot; elf-arrow, Halliw. Dict; Grmm. D. M. 429
Prompt. Parv. elfe lamia, 138, see note
M. H. Ger. elbe; f. see Grmm. D. M. 411.
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  • ilf, n.