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  • verb [ weak ]
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irfan, p. de
To inherit
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  • Yrfan hí swá hí wyrðe witan

    let the land devolve upon such as they know to be worthy or entitled

    [v. wyrðe], Chart. Th. 578, 9. v. [?] Cod. Dipl. Kmbl. i. xxxiii-v on the leases of church lands for lives, in which such phrases as the following occur :-- His dæg forgeaf, and æfter his dæg twám yrfeweardum. Such lives were sometimes named in the instrument setting forth the grant.
[O. Frs. ervia to inherit : O. L. Ger. gi-ervan hereditare : Icel. erfa to honour with a funeral feast; mod. to inherit : O.H. Ger. erbet hæreditabit : Ger. erben.]
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  • irfan, v.