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  • verb [ weak ]
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irman, p. de
To make miserable or wretched, to afflict, vex
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  • Ðá ongunnan twá þeóda Pyhtas norþan and Scottas westan hí onwinnan and heora ǽhta niman and hergian and hí fela geára yrmdon and hýndon

    then began two peoples, the Picts from the north, the Scots from the west, to attack them, and to take their possessions, and to harry, and afflicted and vexed them many years;

    Brittania denique subito duabus gentibus transmarinis vehementer sævis, Scottorum a circio, Pictorum ab aquilone, multos stupet gemitque per annos,
      Bd. 1, 12 ; S. 480, 24.
  • Hé hæfde him tó gamene hú hé eorþcyningas yrmde and cwelmde

    he [Nero] made it his sport, how he could vex and torment the kings of this earth,

      Bt. Met. Fox 9, 94; Met. 9, 47.
  • Ic mæg sleán and ierman míne heáfodgemæccan

    I can beat and vex my companions,

      Past. 17, 8 ; Swt. 121, 12.
[Cf. O. H. Ger. ki-ermit uuerdemes aporiamur, Grff. i. 423.]
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