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  • noun [ feminine ]
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ládung, e; f.
An excusing, a clearing of or defending against a charge, an apology, excuse, a defence, exculpation
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  • Ládung apologia, Ælfc. Gl. 106; Som. 78, 64; Wrt. Voc. 57, 43:


      Wrt. Voc. ii. 146, 15.
  • God lǽt him fyrst ðæt hé his mándǽda geswíce gif hé wile: gif hé nele ðæt hé beó bútan ǽlcere ládunge swíðe rihtlíce tó deófles handa ásceofen

    God allows the wicked man time, that he may, if he will, cease from his wicked deeds: that, if he will not, he may, having nothing to plead in his defence, very justly be thrust into the hands of the devil,

      Homl. Th. i. 270, 1.
  • Mód ymbtrymedu mid lytelícre ládunge

    mentes fallaci defensione circumdatæ,

      Past. 35, 5; Swt. 245, 8.
  • Hí simle séceaþ endeleáse ládunga

    semper improbas defensiones quærunt,

      35, 2; Swt. 239, 8.
as a legal term,
purgation, the clearing himself on the part of an accused person, by oath or by some form of ordeal, of the charge made against him
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  • And stande betwux burgum án lagu æt ládunge,

      L. C. S. 34; Th. i. 396, 22.
  • Bisceop sceall æt tihtlan, ládunge gedihtan ðæt ǽnig man óðrum ǽnig wóh beódan ne mǽge áðor oððe on áþe oððe on ordále

    when accusation is made, the bishop shall so order the proceedings by which the accused is to clear himself, that no man may be able to offer wrong to another in the matter of taking oath or of undergoing the ordeal,

      L. I. P. 7; Th. ii. 312, 15.
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  • ládung, n.