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  • noun [ neuter ]
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land-folc, es; n.
The people of a land or country
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  • Hwæðer ðæt landfolc sí tó gefeohte stranglíc oððe untrumlíc

    populum, utrum fortis sit an infirmus,

      Num. 13, 20.
  • Ðet landfolc hardlíce wiðstód

    the people resisted stoutly,

      Chr. 1046; Erl. 171, 4: 1070; Erl. 207, 22.
  • On sumere tíde com micel hungor on ðam lande and gehwǽr ðæt landfolc micclum geangsumode

    at one time a great famine came on the land and very much afflicted the people everywhere,

      Homl. Th. ii. 170, 32: 164, 19.
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v.  folc.
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  • land-folc, n.