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  • noun [ feminine ]
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lang-ness, e; f.
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  • Brádnyss langnyss heáhnyss and deópnyss

    breadth, length, height and depth,

      Homl. Th. ii. 408, 21.
  • Langnysse dagena ic gefylle hine

    longitudine dierum replebo eum,

      Ps. Spl. 90, 16.
  • Ðonne sceal man ðysne wyrttruman gedrígean and ða langnysse tóceorfan on pysena gelícnysse

    this plant is to be dried, and its length cut up into pieces about the size of peas,

      Herb. 140, 1; Lchdm. i. 260, 15.
  • Ealle óðre dagas on twelf mónþum habbaþ mislíce langnisse

    all other days in the twelve months have various lengths,

      Lchdm. iii. 258, 2.
Full form


  • lang-ness, n.