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Lid-wiccas, Lid-wícingas; pl. The people of Brittany [or using the name of the people for the country]
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  • Carl féng tó eallum ðam westríce ... bútan Lidwiccium

    Charles took all the western kingdom ... except Brittany,

      Chr. 885; Erl. 84, 13.
  • Two other MSS. have Lidwícingum,

      Th. 154, 155,
    and this form occurs in the Scop's Tale :-- Ic wæs mid Lidwícingum, Exon. 86 a; Th. 323, 17; Víd. 80.
  • Micel sciphere com súþan of Lidwicum,

      Chr. 910; Erl. 101, 32.
  • Lidwiccum,

      918; Erl. 102, 22.
  • The word seems to contain the British name for Armorica,


    v. notes to the passages from the
      Cod. Exon. and from the Chron. 918.
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  • Lid-wiccas, n.