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Middel-Seaxe, <b>Middel-Seaxan;</b> pl.
The Middle-Saxons, Saxons who settled in the district west of London, and whose name is preserved in the present Middlesex: they appear to have been an offshoot of the East Saxons.
  • v. Green's Making of England, p. 111, note
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  • Hér Middel-Seaxe (but MS. E. Middal-Engla,

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    v. under
    Middel-Engle) onféngon ryhtne geleáfan,

    • Chr. 653
    • ;
    • Erl. 26, 24.
  • Hí hæfdon ðá ofergán i. Eást-Engle, and ii. Eást-Sexe, and iii. Middel-Sexe,

    • 1011
    • ;
    • Erl. 144. 33.
  • In provincia quæ nuncupatur


    • Cod. Dip. Kmbl. i. 59, 20
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v.  Seaxe.
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  • Middel-Seaxe, n.