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  • noun [ masculine ]
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molda, or molde, an; m. or f.
The top of the head
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  • Ðæt galdor man sceal singan ǽrest on ðæt wynstre eáre ðænne on ðæt swíðre eáre ðænne ufan ðæs mannes moldan

    the charm must first be sung into the left ear, then into the right ear, then on the top of the man's head,

    • Lchdm. iii. 42, 9.
  • [Cf. Trev. v. 369, 7: Þe Longobardes used to schere of þe heere of hir heed from þe molde to þe nolle (from the toppe un to the hynder parte, MS. Harl.) comam capitis a cervice usque ad occipitium tondebant. Halliwell gives mold the suture of the skull.]
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v.  mold-gewind.
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  • molda, n.