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  • Chart. Th. 433, 22.
The word occurs in a list of services due from the tenant of certain land, and seems to mean 'courts, assemblies'
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  • Þreó mótlǽðu ungeboden on xii mónþum

    the tenant must attend three courts a year without summons.

  • In the same charter, in similar lists, occur two phrases which seem identical in meaning with that just given,

    þríwa sécan gemót on xii mónþum,

    • 433, 9,
  • and

    iii gemót on geáre,

    • 433, 32.
The charter is later than 1066, perhaps the
Icel. leið an assembly, may be compared. Cf. also kynnis-leið a visit to relations.
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v.  -lǽðu.
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  • mót-lǽðu, n.