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  • noun [ masculinefeminine ]
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nearu-cræft, es; m.
An art that confines or imprisons (?)
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  • Beorh wunode on wonge nearocræftum fæst ðǽr on innan bær eorl gestreóna ... feá worda cwæþ : Hold ðú nú hrúse eorla ǽhte

    the mound stood on the plain firm in its prisoning powers (able to keep in durance the treasure entrusted to it) ; therein bore the earl treasures ... few words he spake : Hold thou now, earth, the possessions of earls,

    • Beo. Th. 4475-4488
    • ;
    • B. 2241-2248.
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v. nearu; f. I.
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  • nearu-cræft, n.