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  • verb [ strong ]
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to fall upon, kill by falling, destroy
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  • Hit hreás underbæc and forneán offeóll ða ðe hit ǽr forcurfan

    the tree fell backwards, and by its fall very nearly killed those who before were cutting it down,

      Homl. Th. ii. 510, 2.
  • Sigferþ cyning hine offeóll and his líc ligþ æt Wimburnan

    King Sigferth laid violent hands on himself, and his body lies buried at Wimborne,

      Chr. 962; Erl. 120, 4.
  • Hé geslóg xxv dracena and hine ðá [of] deáþ offeóll

    he slew 25 dragons and then death fell upon him,

      Salm. Kmbl. 430; Sal. 216.
  • Seó módinys wyle offeallan ða eádmódnysse superbia inruere vult super humilitatem, Prud. 32 b. Æfter his fielle wearþ ðara cásera mǽgþ offeallen

    caesarum familia consumta est,

      Ors. 6; 6; Swt. 262, 6.
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  • of-feallan, v.