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  • noun [ neuter ]
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rǽde-gafol, es; n.
Rent that can be paid all at once, as opposed to rent that is discharged by service rendered, and consequently takes time for its payment
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  • Gif mon geþingaþ gyrde landes oððe máre tó rǽdegafole and geereþ gif se hláford him wile ðæt land árǽran tó weorce and tó gafole ne þearf hé him onfón gif hé him nán botl ne selþ

    if a man takes a yard of land or more at a fixed rent and ploughs it, if the lord wants to get service as well as rent, the tenant need not take the land, if the lord does not give him a dwelling,

      L. In. 67; Th. i. 146, 3.
[Cf. Icel. reiðu-penningar ready money.]
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  • rǽde-gafol, n.