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  • noun [ masculine ]
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sá, gen. sán; m.
A tub, pail, vessel
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  • Saa


      Txts. 35, 17.
[Prompt. Parv. soo or cowl, vessel tina. He kam to þe welle, water updrow, And filde þer a michel so, Havel. 933. So, soa a tub with two ears, to carry on a stang, Ray's North-country words. Sao, soe a tub; commonly used for a brewing-tub only, but sometimes for a large tub in which clothes are steeped before washing, E. D. S. Pub. Lincolnshire. ' In Bedfordshire, what we call a coal and a coal-staff, they call a sow and a sow-staff,' Kennett. Icel. sár a cask : Dan. saa : Swed. så.]
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  • sá, n.