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  • noun [ masculine ]
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sǽd-leáp, es; m.
A basket or other vessel of wood carried on one arm of the husbandman, to bear the seed which he sows with the other, a seed-leap (Essex), seed-lip (Oxford). v. E. D. S. Pub. B. 18; also seed-lop, v. Old Country and Farming words, iii. Hopur or a seed lepe satorium, saticulum,
    Prompt. Parv. 246. A sedlepe saticulum, Wülck. Gl. 609, 28: semilio, 611, 11
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  • Sǽdleáp, Anglia ix. 264, 13.
[Ðæt acersǽd hwǽte, ðæt is twegen sédlǽpes, and ðæt bærlíc, ðæt is þré sédlǽpas, and ðæt acersǽd áten, ðæt is feówer sédlǽpas, Chr. 1124; Erl. 252, 34-36. In the note on this passage seed-lip is said to be still used in Somersetshire.]
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  • sǽd-leáp, n.